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A China based team of experienced professionals providing an exclusive and discreet service that manages the financial and personal affairs of Elite Sports Professionals and their families.

Who We Are…

Shanghai, China

Platinum Global is China’s pre-eminent provider of support services for professional athletes & their agents.

Our China team of experienced professionals, ensures that every aspect of our clients lives are looked after ensuring that they can focus fully on their professional careers.

We take great pride in the personal service we provide our clients on a consistent basis, believing that our commitment to personal service is unsurpassed in China in the wealth & lifestyle management of elite sports professionals.

What We Do…

We offer a range of professional services in 3 key areas that we believe are essential to ensure a professional athletes move to & career in China is successful:

Concierge services
Personal Brand Management and Monetization
Financial Management

We work very closely with our clients to ensure that their personal needs are always met. It is our goal to make your transition from your current location to China an easy and pain free one. It is all a part of what we do for our clients to ensure that they are better able to focus on their professional sports career whilst here.

The challenge for the modern elite sportsperson in China

  • Making life away from the football club comfortable for you & your family in a very different environment
  • Maximizing your income off the pitch whilst in China based on your immediate recognition
  • Building a personal brand in China appropriate for the local environment
  • Focus on your job in China and let others make lifestyle arrangements for you
  • Developing a life after sport strategy with you
  • Socializing and relaxing after work in a new location
  • Repatriating your assets from China at the end of your contract
  • The right investments in the long and short term

Our Aim Is To…

  • Ensure that our clients are fully prepared for life in China before moving here.
  • Make sure our clients and their families are happy, comfortable and secure whilst in China.
  • Help our clients maximize their earning potential and personal brand value whilst in China.
  • Ensure that our clients safely repatriate themselves and their financial assets once it is time to move to another country.
















Contract Negotiation

  • PGS is widely regarded by CSL teams as an industry leader in contract negotiations. PGS has vast experience in this area and deservedly earned the respect of team executives and coaching staff throughout the CSL for our high ethical standards, thorough preparation and hard-driving but honest approach to negotiations.
  • Our technical expertise, understanding of the collective bargaining agreement and inner-workings of CSL organizations is second to none. PGSʼs consistent success in relentlessly negotiating outstanding contracts has made us an industry leader in China. This respect impacts the way teams approach negotiations with PGS and is conducive to the successful completion of negotiations.

PGS Concierge Services

  • In the demanding world of professional athletics, Platinum Global Sports understands the rigorous time constraints of a professional athletes schedule having relocated to a new country and offers the benefits of Concierge Service to all its clients and their families.
  • You will enjoy the personalized assistance of our expert Concierge Service catering to entertainment, travel, shopping and lifestyle needs for all your family. With a message, email or phone call to our dedicated Concierge professionals, you will tap into an effective time management tool designed to improve your quality of life in China and that then allows you to focus on your professional sporting career, and your family, their time in China.
  • Our Concierge professionals are always ready to assist you and connect you to all their inside connections that will make your time in China more relaxing and enjoyable.


  • While our clients are hard at work on the field, PGS is hard at work off the field to maximize your visibility and brand value in China.
  • As all professional athletes know, marketing and endorsement opportunities can be very lucrative and exciting. PGS is connected at the highest level to companies in China that utilize star athletes and celebrities to endorse their products or services.
  • In implementing an individualized marketing plan for each client, PGS meets with each client to develop their individual marketing goals and strategy, while constantly putting the clients name and image in the public domain.
  • PGS takes into consideration such things as a players position, the city in which he is selected to play, and the image both he and his team chose to project nationally and in their local market. An individualized marketing plan tailored for the client is then executed.

Up Coming Platinum Global Players BBQ

Platinum Global is a new elite athlete and family lifestyle liaison team for those like yourself that come to work and live in Mainland China. We understand the wide range of challenges you and your family will face in relocating here, and will resolve these for you so that you can focus on why you moved to China in the first place.

You are invited to join us together with some of your fellow elite athletes at a private and exclusive BBQ on September 14th at the Blancpain Boutique Private Members Lounge in XinTianDi from 6pm. This is a social event dress code is smart casual.


6:00 pm Sept 14th, 2017


Blancpain Boutique Private Members Lounge, No.17, 181 Lane, Taicang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai


+(086) 021 6103 6732

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